Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have been on it. Just on it. The workouts are going great!! I am so excited to post my recent accomplishment. I have been wanting to really get a good intense workout on the elliptical machine. Well, that machine is a beast. A freaking franking BEAST. The first time I got finished 3 mins and thought, BUMP This!! I tried again yesterday and was able to do 5-6 mins before almost passing out. Well today........Yes, today......I went in thinking, "Yes I Can. Yes I Can. Yes, I can!" And I did!! I mastered that bad boy. I fought through the pain and completed 23 mins!! Oh what a happy day. Yeah, I did a happy dance when I got off. Yes I did.

I have started doing other works for the last few days and it's going well. I did some weights, crunches, and lunges. I also used another piece of equipment that I can't think of the name for, but I liked it.

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Alfine said...

Awesome! Glad to hear everything is going welllllll :)

Any tips for getting started (working out)? It's been floating in my mind for the past TWO months or so - I even bought new sneakers! I just don't know how the heck to start. A 20 minute walk? A jog, maybe? Ahh!

Do you have a weight loss goal or are you doing so just for health?

(My apologies if you've mentioned already. I haven't read all the posts.)

Either way, best wishes! And great job posting your journey!

I also had some hair questions :)